April 9, 2012

Making the most of a Media Event!

Yes, you want to get media coverage but often it is what you do with the coverage and how you use it in your marketing materials, websites, and social media venues that get you the performance and success required for growth. Don't rely on one televised airing or an article in the newspaper to carry your PR efforts.

My client will be making a television appearance on Tuesday and we are preparing for the event with activity before, during, and after the on-air food event.
1.       Client is announcing to their mailing list, consumers, friends, and social media sites about the event.
2.       We will obtain copies and links to the video to share on our various websites, social media sites, twitter, and youtube channel.
3. We will incorporate the materials in our marketing documents and presentation. Techonology allows you to add video to powerpoint presentations for demonstrating your public awareness programs to buyers and distributors.

Do you have prior newspaper, magazine, or trade channel articles that could be included in your marketing materials and online?
Do you have interviews and video that could be digitized or prepared for your various marketing efforts and online for consumers to view, possibly on your website or youtube channel?
Make the most of your assets by republishing in various appropriate formats and methods for your success.
Good luck and make the most of the assets that you have for your food company.
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