April 3, 2012

"Here comes the Judge!"

It was a pleasure traveling to Atlanta this month to judge the Flavor of Georgia contest for the Governors Ag Week festivities.  There were 26 winning finalist entries and you can read about the contest at this link.
During the tasting and review stage I had the opportunity to interview the various food entrepreneurs and ask questions. Repeatedly, the following six areas were discussed and considered opportunities for growth and improvement of the various brands and food products.
Get a UPC on your package. (If you need a couple, send me a note)I have several available.
Focus on retailers where your most likely and best consumers shop!
Supply your product in creative, branded, and category appropriate packaging.
Avoid products with a one week or less shelf-life. Shelf-life is vital in retail and freezer and refrigerated space is competitive along with distribution.
Be local, be yourself, and have fun. Get your product out there into the market.
Don’t play into the strengths of the largest food corporations in the world. Lead with value and price accordingly.
These basic ideas can lead you to faster growth and success regardless of company size.
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