April 18, 2012

Client on CBS's Undercover Boss, Friday, April 27th at 8.

Are you gaining exposure for your food brand? My clients find success on the Food Network, QVC, New York Times, CBS, Fox, USA Today, and other media outlets. Exciting to see client Philly Pretzel Factory on CBS's Undercover Boss, Friday, April 27th at 8pm.
Negotiating with Hollywood Mogul - Robert Thorne and entertainment lawyers in New York taught me a few things about deal making. When dealing with a group of attorneys in New York I learned the power of 'No' and walking away from a deal that did not offer acceptable terms. Luckily, there were many other opportunities for success!
My insight and learning came from the best. Very few can match the success of Robert and his partner Greg in Hollywood deal making and I had the fortunate opportunity to learn a few things from these guys on two projects. Interesting how much I learned from someone that sought me out for my experienced food knowledge and expertise!

What I came away with from all of these deals was the importance of branding, 'the hook', the single point that makes the project either fly or fall flat. If the name of the project (brand) is not a winner nothing else will take the project forward. The story, actors, script, setting, and budget were secondary to the brand of whatever project we were working on. Also, learned a small amount about yachts but that is a different post.

Watch and see what happens at the Worlds Largest Philly-Style Pretzel Bakery on CBS!

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