March 23, 2012

Building a Winery on the Rocky Hill...

This month I had the opportunity to tour a new vineyard on an island in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia. It was an exciting time and I learned how a man's dreams and ability to see where others pass by helped to build this exciting winery.

He built the vineyard on the mountaintop in the rock. The locals all thought it would not produce agriculture and the special place has water underneath the rocks along with the constant breeze that prevents pests from distrurbing the plants.

Branding is based on the actual enviroment and place of the winery along with the history of the locale. What an excellent example to others that the competitive advantage lies within and being honest about who we are and the products we represent.

They are also practicing and taking loads of action to produce excellent wines. They have many varieties and methods of making wine in action and then they taste. The winery is looking for their successful item by taking action and having many, many test runs. How many times will you test your recipe or improve upon your existing product?

Enjoy the images from the Adriatic Sea...
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