February 5, 2012

International Week!

Enjoying the beautiful day on the island, packing for my trip, and preparing for meetings this week with clients from Europe and Australia! My start loading food trucks 25 years ago has me living at the beach and working with clients from all over the world!
My plans are to share with these international food companies the importance of geography, channel selection, distribution, consumers, and programming in growing a food business. Your success is furthered and happens much faster with focus in these key areas without neglecting the importance of manufacturing and supplying a quality food product.

Georgraphy is critical to success and so many food companies neglect this most basic and important factor in planning, actions, and growth. There exist about 240 cities in the USA with more than 100,000 consumers. How are you gearing your market strategy to these important cities? How many are in your market area? Have you considered what your market area is?

Channels are your key to growth and success with consumers. Your channel selection is often the key to your success and the decisive factor in how fast and if you will grow your business. Where are your biggest competitors and how will you compete for consumer's attention in your selected channel? It is always exciting to bring a product into new channels that have zero representation of your product category. How are you making this happen?

You will have to get your product to market and into the hands of consumers for success. How will you deliver your product? Can you sell them all direct, via the web, or from a store front? Wally Amos created the world's first free standing cookie shop. What will you create to reach consumers and find success?

Also, my plans are to offer discussion on consumer acceptance and programs required for the various channels. I will send you more detail on programs and consumers by signing-up below.
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