January 4, 2012

Ten Food Growth Strategies for 2012 with Tim Forrest

It is another year and what actions are you taking to grow your food business? Coke, Nestle, and Kraft, are faced with the same decisions and are concerned about the same consumers, markets, and return on their investments. Find below 10 ideas and links that will help you in your efforts in growing and making your business the best it can be.

Here are my 10 tips and strategies for food growth now and throughout the year.

1.     Promotions

Branded Impactful promotions that resonate with your consumers and connect your product offering to them will make things click.

There is an art and science to making this happen. You are seeking trial, fun, and experiences for your consumers with promotions in methods that make sense to them in a branded format. How can you connect their activities, interests, lifestyle with your brand?  Article Link

2.     Sample

When are you going to hit 50,000 samples and are you building this into your product planning? This is the food business and the single most effective method to gain new customers is by sampling your products to them. Eat up! Article Link

3.     Map Your Market – Geography

Grab a map and circle your offices and plant, now build a list of all the cities in that fall within the radius of 120 to 400 miles around your facility. Forget about that giant big account across country; make it happen in your neighborhood, state, and region.  Article Link

4.     Index Your Potential Clients

Get my list of food channels and retailers; source the information in the yellow pages, online, or at your library for all the companies that fall into each category and begin the sales and marketing process. Article Link

5.     Know Your Ideal Consumer

Where do they Live? Who loves your product and buys it in largest amounts? Why and who are they? What is different about them than every other customer you run into in the course of your day? Get to work on building an ideal consumer for your business and then finding out about them. This one area is often the weakest link of small entrepreneur food companies in establishing credibility and success with larger retailers and food brokers. When you cannot afford outside agencies to build these consumer models, you have to build them yourself.  Almost every time, food entrepreneurs do not understand they are missing the boat in this area with retailers and foodservice operations. If you are missing this section in your presentation you look small, very small.

6.     Find Help!

There are tons of folks ready and able to assist you on your journey of growth. Seek great partners on your growth towards success. My 25 years of food growth experience and programs for food entrepreneurs will help you grow smart and quickly. Also, I have a great initial introduction to us working together at this LINK.

7.     Prepare Your Package

Communication and integration with customer needs in sourcing, supplying, and getting PO’s into their warehouse begins with a polished and straightforward product marketing sheet. Your documentation must answer the questions and present your product in an effective manner that shares you know and can fit the operator’s need. For a copy, Send me a Note.

8.     Get Out There – trade, media, and web

You cannot grow your food business exclusively on the web or with social media. It will require travel and getting out into the trade and into people’s lives. How are you planting your stake in the lives of your target consumers?

9.     Make it Easy

Is it easy to get your company on the phone? If buyers want to spend money with your company, are you available now with samples and information or do they have to await your return from seeing another customer because you are just too small to be everywhere all the time?

Are you convenient? Open? Do you have simple and easy terms? Are you presenting and being a part of business on their terms? Do you know what the buyer is seeking and how to fit your product into their calendar and needs? Also, are you speaking their language? Get it right and get the cash flow.

10.   Price Leadership  

Offer exceptional value and price it accordingly. If you are going to be the highest retail item in the category set, you will have to offer exceptional value with quality and perceived value to your target consumer.

My hope is this insight provides you value and assistance on growing your business this year. Be sure to get all my valuable action oriented updates by signing-up at this LINK. Also my experience and expertise is available now to help you grow.

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