January 12, 2012

Slide into Food Sales Success

Unlike steps, the slide will propel you to your destination smoothly and with the greatest of speed!
My clients largest sales usually come after a smooth slide through the process of a major sales campaign. A million dollar initial order does not happen after one meeting or a great pitch, it has to happen over time and the process better be smooth or you can bet it will get derailed and not happen. The faster you know the process and how to use it to your advantage, the quicker you can slide into that successful sale. But how do you remove the speed bumps on your way to sliding into the order? Here is my slide method for smoothly getting that order from the account. There is no way to do this without prior knowledge of the account, methods of acquisition, and being a trusted peer. There are methods to obtain all the necessary information even if you are a newcomer to the picture.
On the slide
The Slide Steps: Approach, Meeting, Solid Plan, Account Roadmap, and Know your Next Action. But how do you follow these steps if you have never sold to the account before? You will have to find the information from others, insiders, or third-party sales agencies. 
Your approach has to happen in a manner that is consistent with your offer and the power of your product. How did you meet? What was the call? Did he know you ahead of time? Does he trust you or your company to supply his chain? Why should he see you? and How are you going help him improve his business? 

The meeting will be a continuation fo this initial approach and you will demonstrate your knowledge of his buying system, methods of purchase, and how your product will be a successful entry into his operations. You must do this with speed, brevity of time, and use visuals that punch through the mass of information your buyer will see on a daily basis and ask for the order.

The roadmap will be very clear for any account once you have sold them a few times, If they are new to you, you will benefit from the clear understanding of what is expected and when. Be prepared to offer their needs at a moments notice and have it all prepared ahead of time and make reference in your initial documentation in such a way that they understand you are ready to accept their order.

As you progress, do you know what is expected next and do you understand this process will last a minimum of 12 months with the big accounts and often for the largest it will take upwards of 18 months for that large order? How are you going to stay on track and what are you going to do along the road to success to smoothly slide into a winning result? Get answers, provide smooth responses, and avoid breaking the momentum and you will slide into some incredibly large sales with greater speed than ever before!

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