January 3, 2012

Prepare Like You Know Them! Inside a Food Buyers Viewpoint.

Anúncio Produtive

Early in my career I worked for three solid days on a big marketing pitch, my efforts were on creating and building a presentation that would WOW him, the category director, to take my  company's product offering. He eventually did purchase items and in the millions! Unfortunately, he took my presentation and threw it across the desk and shared he did not have time to go through my material and asked me to do the following:

“Visit my stores and tell me what to put on the shelf in this section.”

“What are the best prioritized opportunities?”

“Create a program to help me nationally with an ‘area of concern.”

“Help me add products at this specific price point.”

Fortunately, I listened to his requests and followed-up with him based on his needs and interest. You can use this information without visiting a buyer. Learn from this interaction.
Before your call visit the retailers stores and study their category.
How are you going to help them improve the category?
What will you do to offer pricing leadership?
What is your highest volume item and who shops for it?
Which stores are most likely to have your products ‘ideal consumer?’
How are you going to help the retailer with his goals?
The company secured the initial new distribution and order. From there, we were able to sell him millions in new products into various departments. You can have the same success with a little luck and proper planning.

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