January 14, 2012

Boston Food Photography - My Exclusive Food Photographer

If you are looking for food photography, consider my talented and focused company - Boston Food Photography. Great food photography samples your food without the prep, expense, or effort of samplings and demonstrations. My clients are fortunate to work with many of my suppliers and Boston Food Photography does an unbelievable job for my clients year after year! We had the great fortune to use these guys on a shoot for a major retailer in the Northeast and was blown away with their service and picture quality.  One of my favorite shoots involved an offsite farm location outside of Boston and they captured the essence of the processors brand and food items in an unbelievalble manner. Awe inspiring!
Boston Food Photography is offering a $200 discount voucher to all my clients and site viewers off any package.  The introductory package includes 4 Professionally set-up, organized, shot, and digitally fixed photos of your food product. Your four shots will include a powerpoint ready shot, table shot, action, and unique postion shot with various lighting options with downloads available from the internet.

Introductory Package
Studio Set-up Fees Included
All Cameras and Equipment Included
4 Seperate Photographs
a. Powerpoint Ready Shot
b. Table Shot
c. Unique Position Shot
d. Other shot
Digital Review and Finishing
Available for Digital Download

Send a note for your voucher at my contact page.

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