January 23, 2012

Are You Asking the Right Food Questions?

Great Questions for Food Product Performance
How viable is my product idea?  How effective was my promotion?  How does it compare to previous years or my competitors promotions?  How do I reach my target consumer?  How is my product performing by geography?
What major new items trends are happening in my category?  What other products are my clients buying besides mine? What new product characteristics/innovations could expand my category, drive new sales?  What level of sales can I expect for my product?
Where is the right distribution channel for my product?  Where am I losing distribution, a particular market, a retailer or a given store(s)?  Where can I target my core consumers at the store level?
Why was my TPR less effective than expected? Why are our sales changed?  Why are retailers de-listing our products?
Who are my core consumers?  Who are my competitor’s core consumers?  Who are my loyal consumers and who are my least loyal?

Keep building on your learnings in these various areas of your food enterprise.
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