November 19, 2011

Tim’s CP² Quad Growth Chart! Sprinkles in Hollywood

Presentation Growth Methods

After school, pulling orders and loading food trucks 25 years ago provided the building blocks of my growth success. It was exciting to see things happen and luckily my efforts were rewarded and I became part of the team running food companies and growing them by the many millions. Success was not confined to soliciting new customers but growing our ability to service and supply a growing customer base within limited resources and time. Now my system of growing food enterprises usually begins with key customers and their needs including end-users or consumers. The most logical place to start is with your existing customer base for growth and then work from there to new customers, product distribution and internal capacity and methods or process to address these needs..My name for this organized system is the CP² Method of Growth based on four connected quadrants: Customer, Product, Capacity, and Process.image

After you have satisfied and examined the needs of the customer base and started to reach out to new customers, you should examine the product portfolio and for opportunities and new products. Often companies will get ahead of the process and become enthusiastic over new products without consideration to markets or customers. Your technology or new product is probably very awesome but it must fit a need of a customer segment and meet the demands of consumers.

My days of loading trucks assisted my understanding of the importance of Process and Capacity to the day to day sales effort. We could only load a limited quantity of product onto our trucks each day.  If our computer system went down, it would slow our sales process regardless of the necessary backups. Later on as I approached new opportunities, it became apparent that certain aspects of an operation would could not meet the demands of the market. For one client, we had to develop a new ordering system since they could not handle some of the tremendous new account opportunities that were presented. For example, their order system would not accommodate a multi-truckload purchase order. We fixed that simple detail and went on to successfully sell millions of dollars to the new channel and account.

Each client is different and every opportunity is unique. The above chart marks my view of a simple Quadrant System to Growth. My experience coupled with 100’s of millions in company growth provide clients a scope of awareness that few can see much less offer to client food companies. 2012 is full of opportunity and work. It will be an exciting time.  Photo Credit: My visit to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Hollywood. I have had the opportunity to have products and clients on the Food Network, QVC Television, and a major motion picture out next year.

Print or Download the CP² Method of Growth Document at this LINK:

IMAGE COVER CPsquared Growth Document for the Process


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