October 5, 2011

50,000 Consumer Samples–Plan Today!

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50000-747001 kids with numbers
How will you sample 50,000 consumers with your food samples?
When are you planning for this to happen? If you are going to be successful, much larger than your current size, and serving lots of happy consumers your food enterprise will have to get your item into the mouths of potential customers.
This is not a one-time event or something that has to happen quickly. It does have to happen if you seek growth. The large companies can afford to invest in high profile single day or event promotions that giveaway 50,000 samples. You can do it in a year or 5 years, but you have to do it. Keep notes of every sampling event on the number given out, immediate purchases for the day and have goals for the coming month and year for your enterprise. Also, remember a big part of sampling is impacting future purchases. Review sales lift in the following weeks after a sample event. 
Mars Chocolate Giveaway (50,000) samples 1 day
Orville Redenbachers Pop Up Bowl – 50,000 samples
Loreal Paris Matte Morphose Foundation
Taylor Made Penta 5-layer Golf Balls 50,000 balls
Avoid sampling and you avoid growth for food enterprises. Need more examples? Ask Cathy  http://www.bodaciousfoods.com/ or Sue http://thehotsqueeze.com/ if they could have grown without sampling. The companies that are still around and growing sample consumers.

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