August 19, 2011

Speak the Language

My client was delighted with the news that the major USA Home Merchandise Store and member of S&P 500/Fortune 500 would be purchasing their innovative and category defining product. Also, another client is looking forward to an initial first-time order from a major retailer of $ 350,000. They are finding success and driving new distribution within the systems of these separate retail environments.

What sets my two clients apart from many others is the attention to language and communication with the customer. They are intent and focused on what the client is seeking from a product manufacturer and working hard to deliver that value in a format that is suitable, understood, and organized around the retailers needs. Of course, the item provides super value to the consumer with many new benefits.

Many entrepreneurs and product creators invest all of their effort in developing a great new product only to consider the marketing and communication as an afterthought to the creative concept of the product. Retailers and distributors seek value in new products AND they must speak their language, time it correctly, and work within the systems that retailers have developed to distribute, retail, and introduce 100’s of new items yearly.

Speak the retailers language, provide the information prior to demand, and see success for your company as you manage the growth process from start to consumers cart.

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