July 12, 2011

Fast Growth via Ideal Consumers

Usually, the products I sample and taste are fantastic and would appeal to a very broad market. Also, often the creator of the product will share how the product appeals to everyone from the very young to the oldest of consumers. This is often the case and not a reliable method for building the early market and action plans of growing a particular product into a successful item with consumers. This fact is especially true if your company has limited resources.
Food Marketing Clarity Exercises timforrest.com
There exists for most successful new item launches an ideal group of consumers that will most likely and quickly notice, purchase, and enjoy your new product offering. Identify your ideal consumers and you will save time, money, and effort in growing and achieving sales success for your company. Also, this group is much more likely to share with their friends the wonderful new product they ‘found' in conversations online and at work or play.
This exercise document will assist your process in understanding your ideal consumer and how to best approach them. Link here (download file or print)
After working with this document, you should have a better grasp and definition of your most likely consumers.
Where do your ideal consumers shop, work, sites they surf, and where do they spend their free time?
This document will  best prepare your promotion messaging, packaging, social media, and product to meet their demands and seek their purchases more easily and efficiently.
Much continued success!
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