July 15, 2011

Bridging to Success!

Do you believe in solutions and positive answers to what might seem impossible? Are you building and finding the bridges across the difficulties and areas that so many folks say is impossible or even un-passable? When you believe you can do something, working and thinking along the route, many doors will open for you that remain shut for others.

I have seen this incredible technique happen again and again for folks that know, think, and believe in their ability to find a solution and keep working towards an answer. The answer is forthcoming and they just need to work to find that nugget that will take them across the line to the answer they are seeking. The great news is the harder and more difficult it is to make happen, oftentimes the rewards are that much greater and the success that much longer for you to enjoy.
How do you catch the attention and then convince America to purchase your food item when there already exist about 45,000 items on the shelf of an average grocery store and 10’s of thousands more available for distribution?
How do you find customers that want and need your product when there is so much already available for their review and purchase?
When you believe there exists a route to your success and you are on the road to finding that route, then the doors will open. You will find that resource, inspiration, or contact that will make things happen. Just this week, I heard an experienced food veteran ask a growing food entrepreneur ‘how did you do that?’ in amazement about his route to success. There exists a route to your success and leaders, mentors, and insiders that are available to help you navigate the path.
Imagine the path that Lauryn Chun, MILKimchi.com, is creating across the United States with her family’s Kimchi recipe. Americans are not generally familiar or immediately knowledgeable regarding Kimchi and its pickled vegetable taste. Lauryn is building the bridge for Americans to enjoy and savor the wonderful taste of Kimchi. Her journey started with packing Kimchi in her luggage for nine years to share with friends in New York from her home in California. Are you building and growing steps at a time? Are you working towards goals 5 and 10 years down the road for your food products? Your success will be the 20 year overnight success story. Are you willing to put in the two decades of effort?
Wally Amos, entrepreneur and founder of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, considered wally amos suit and tiea friend and colleague, opened the world’s FIRST Freestanding Cookie Store. This did not exist prior to his entry onto the cookie scene. Not only did it work, he eventually had more than 50 stores baking and selling cookies from freestanding stores and then eventually getting into the retail packaging of cookies that are now distributed around the world! He found a way to sell cookies when the market was supposedly closed to his innovation and ability.

Food Entrepreneurs who think big attract big people to them. If you want to achieve big things, you will be a positive thinker to achieve them. Big thinkers who make things happen also create possibilities for others. You cannot help but to become more confident, think bigger, and achieve grander success when you surround yourself with likeminded positive thinkers.
No matter what your product, no matter what your circumstances, no matter what your resources, positive thinking (bridge building) can broaden your horizons and encourage you onto finding your path to success and the road to your bigger dream. If you will embrace your dreams, you put yourself in a position to find that path and achieve them.
Positive thinking allows you to believe a path exists, an answer to your success. Positive thinking will allow you to see the invisible, feel the intangible, and achieve the impossible. Continue building your bridge, there exists a path forward to your success.
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