June 17, 2011

Facebook Fan Pages–Biggest Food Brands

Have you created or in the process of building a branded Facebook page and seeking guidance and inspiration for features, methods, tabs, and options to include as part of the site. This list will provide the largest Facebook branded food pages for your review and audit. Look at how color, graphics, and images are used on the site and then also review the posts and comments section. You want to have a community of authentic supporters develop around use and appreciation of your product. How do these big name brand companies organize their communication and consumer offerings? These examples can provide much insight and ideas to incorporate into your Facebook Fan page! How is your Facebook Fan page working for your food company? Send me the link.
Tim's Top Food Facebook Fan Pages

Rank ( May 2011)

Coca-Cola 28,059,243

Starbucks 22,387,449

Oreo 20,024,069

Red Bull 19,410,093



Ferrero Rocher11,224,484

Monster Energy  10,799,008

Nutella  10,265,544

Dr. Pepper  9,226,921

Starburst  8,798,681

McDonalds  8,624,292

Subway  7,463,5263

Reese’s  7,299,120

Taco Bell  6,734,823

Starbucks Frappuccino  6,704,896

Walmart  6,077,453

Mountain Dew5,262,452

5 Gum  4,777,970

Buffalo Wild Wings  4,743,825
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