May 4, 2011

Templates and Downloads from

Wow!…if you are looking for the templates and great downloads from this site, they are located at the above link. Just click the above download image or link here and complete the form and submit. It will then provide you the link to all the templates from this site in one convenient location. These are awesome and will provide your enterprise with a tremendous amount of value. Let me know what you think about these templates and reports. Which one works best for your company?

· Food Broker - Document
· Facebook QR Code Print Template
· Wave 5 Step Selling System spreadsheet download
· Food Patents, Trade Secrets, IP
· Product Marketing Sheet Checklist
· Promotion Calendar Excel Template
· Worlds Leading Retailers
· Product Evaluation Worksheet
· EDI Service Companies
· Southeastern USA Cities
· Retailer Census USA by Channel
· Club Store Calculator
· Video Movie Script Template Marketing
· Restaurant Site Selection Overview and Compare Template
- New Product Evaluation Tool


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