April 22, 2011

Tip: Add Facebook Fans at your next Tradeshow or Demo Event!

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Like us on Facebook QR Code Tim Forrest Consulting

Go ahead, take out your camera smartphone and capture this QR Code in your reader.

If you are like most folks you have never used a QR Code but it only takes seconds to learn and the value to your enterprise is enormous when you consider the many benefits of capturing consumers that are attending an event or contacts to your tradeshow booth. Most Android and Blackberry phones have this feature native to the phone and iPhones have more than 50 apps available at the iTunes store for downloading.

Once you are able to scan a QR Code, test the QR Code on this page. When it opens the page on your phone, hit the ‘like’ button and you are connected to my Facebook site. You can duplicate this process for your facebook profile at your next sampling event, exhibition, or tradeshow and gain many more additional fans on your company’s facebook profile. This quick how-to article will walk you through the basic process of getting up and running using QR Codes to increase your fans on facebook. The 'like' button is only 12 months old as of this week and quite possibly why you might not have ever considered or seen this use in various venues.

LINK TO ARTICLE HERE – Using QR Codes in your marketing and consumer connections. or http://bit.ly/jnxH43
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