March 9, 2011

Success Leaves Clues…Email Example

Chick-Fil-A Banana Pudding Shake
Steven Johnson shares that ‘success leaves clues’ and this email example from Chick-fil-a provides ton of clues and feedback for preparing your next email message to your customer base and potential clients that have provided their email to your company.

Overall, the visual appearance, balance, color-use, space % considerations, and approximate use of only 50 words leads me to new insights and thoughts on email-usage. The focus and use of design in communicating to your consumers is well understood and used by the largest brands and food companies in the world but are you learning this lesson for your enterprise?

With some pre-planning, thought, and consideration of your ideal consumer community it should become commonplace and easy for your company to generate similar effective emails to your customer database. Just do it...emails to your customers are the single most impactful tool on the internet. If you are looking for the folks that help Chickfila succeed with their email programs, call Brightwave Marketing's Steven Roe at 404-253-2544.

Tim’s Email Layout Design Points HACK!

  • Company logo takes you to main site.

  • Navigational bar similar to website of Chick-fil-a

  • Fun, vibrant, glam pic of product.

  • Limited Time tag

  • Headline

  • Copy and link discussing product

  • Prominent location finder for product and restaurants

  • Spread the word section…

  • Almost a third of the ad is the Facebook link.

  • Use of color, design, and layout in combination with links, consistency, and feedback to website.

  • For a detailed spreadsheet listing these attributes and use for building your own email creative, download link here. This insight and effort might be too demanding for many in the food industry and there are off-the-shelf and online service packages available.

    If you are just looking to get started with email marketing then try some of the services with free/promo start-up days that are available like Constant Contact, Campaigner, iContactAWeber, and Benchmark Email.

    Good luck with your email marketing and the benefits of communicating directly with your consumers using direct email media.

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