March 11, 2011

From the loading dock to the corporate jet…

It did not happen overnight.

My success in the food industry started on the loading dock pulling orders for grocery stores, convenience stores, foodservice outlets, club stores, and theme parks including major league sports stadiums. My promotion was to assistant relief driver before getting my own route and servicing the food channel segments that are such a part of my writing, consulting, and business today. I learned to quickly run in the back door of an operation and successfully handle their needs.

My first delivery was on a cold Monday morning around 6am into one of the nations largest grocery organizations and my married daughter was just a baby. At the time, the harsh and demanding surroundings of the loading dock seemed so foreign and unconnected to the success I was searching for in my ‘career.’ How could this world provide the insight and opportunity for my work and efforts I had been reaching for at the time? Funny how things work out!  One former boss commented, “Tim, if you can handle the loading dock and trucks – then our opportunity will be a cake walk!” Lol
Approximately 24 months ago, I was asked to design and lead a group tour for a retail grocery organization’s division presidents and vice-presidents using their corporate jet. 25jets01-600My mission was to provide insight and inspiration for the group via retail visits  of multiple food retailers and food operators in and outside of the grocery channel.

Amazingly, this group owned the retail store that I had delivered on that cold Monday morning 20 years ago! It is fun to reflect that the 100’s of millions in sales, many items on national television, new vendors in various retailers and channels, working with McDonalds and Disney, along with my incredible International success is a direct result of my early efforts loading trucks for the food industry.

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