March 31, 2011

Food Makers Workshop – "Ideas to Grow your Food Enterprise"

tim agrirama food makers workshop
Tim presenting Food Makers Workshop

It's fun sharing insights into food marketing growth and learning from others new ideas and methods they are applying to grow their business. This website is a reflection of that value. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a couple of groups presenting my thoughts on three basic areas important for success. Actually, my three are vital to growing your business. New customers and growing a business is often said to be the most difficult part of any enterprise. Here is my take on the top three answers when someone asks, ‘Tim, how can we grow our business?”

Key Point 1 – Your Ideal Consumer

Your food product will address a need and provide value to a group of consumers that are your ‘ideal consumer.’ It might be geography, age, education, or family size and what sets this group apart is their increased likelihood of purchasing your product more quickly and efficiently than other consumers. Often, these ideal consumers will be ‘super consumers’ and purchase many times more of your product than the general public. What are you doing to identify and connect with these special consumers needed to take your business to the next level. My insights on this site discuss methods to identify, communicate, and market to these special consumers of your food products.

Key Point 2 – Promotion Power and Sync
Connecting with your ideal consumers begins with taking action and getting noticed beyond simply lowering prices. Promotion effectiveness, how and why they work, the internet, and the importance of sampling is paramount in dealing with consumers and growth. Also, sampling should happen as ‘paid sampling’ that big brand food companies use in their marketing programs. Local, Organic, All Natural, and Good! Your growth and success grows with the use of positive promotions when you have them in sync with your consumer.

Key Point 3 – Distribution Success
It takes effort to get your product delivered and into the hands of your consumers. The better you understand and incorporate the distribution of your product into your programs, the faster you will see growth and success. I always consider and discuss methods and concepts of working with the various components of your distribution partners – distributors, brokers, retailers, foodservice establishments, and co-packers. Your improved knowledge can drive new sales and promotions that would otherwise have been left to the other companies seeking growth.
After investing your time and effort into these three ideas, you will usually have insights and methods to immediately take action and grow your business with speed and capital efficiency. My hope is this site along with my insights provide you value and success on your trail to business growth.

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