January 31, 2011

It isn’t sold, unless you ship it!

When working to set-up and sell into large retailers, be sure you understand the shipping and distribution requirements of the retailer or distributor.pallet Ask for the new vendor paperwork or documentation if available.

Accounts and customers have refused entire orders because one board is loose on a portion or part of a pallet. If you don’t know what a pallet is then the n
ext time you are at your local wholesale warehouse picking up a case of bottled water or your favorite snack, look at the bottom of the pile. That wooden platform those cases are sitting on is a pallet, and its design allows for easy transport of goods via forklift or hand-pumped jacks. These wooden structures can carry over 2,200 pounds of goods and are utilized in almost every food receiving warehouse.

Chep pallets and using only new pallets can help this final part of selling into a large new account.
Chep Pallet link:
GMA Pallet Specs link:
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