December 6, 2010

Brand Reward your Consumers for Impact!

Recognize and reward your consumers with brand supporting prizes! If a consumer participates in some promotion or event sponsored by your company reward them with a freebie that promotes your brand and unique product offering. Your prize should reflect the value of your company's products. Food Promotion Ideas can include fun premiums.
In order for prizes to work efficiently for your brand, think about how they meet with success in these three RAA areas – Relevancy, Authentic, and Action.

Relevancy – Your prize must relate to your consumer and the connection with your brand. Just giving some meaningless doo-dad that you buy by the gross from China is a waste of your opportunity to connect along with your time and resources. The CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission shared with me that they spend an inordinate amount of time considering how their marketing efforts relate to their consumers usage of potatoes and relative timing. For example, there latest prizes reflect recipes that center around tailgating, football, and the Superbowl.

Authentic Your prize should accurately portray a reward for participating in the promotion and the benefit that your products supply the consumer. A salad container like the one pictured would not work for most candy companies as a giveaway. LOL The picture is of Salad to Go container that can be branded with your logo and company information. This item would be great as a promo freebie for a salad dressing company or gym.

Action – Your consumers must have to do something to get the reward for maximum effectiveness. It can be as little as providing an email address, snapshot, or sending a recipe. The action by the consumer invests them into your brand and offers connection.
There are as many prize opportunities and awards as you can dream up. This method of prize selection will provide far more mileage than simply buying some award out of catalog or even worse sending cash to the consumer or offering a cash prize.

Have you used premiums or prizes to grow your food business? Please share the most unusual or best ideas on food prizes with me now at this link

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