November 29, 2010

USA Food Channel Retailers % Share

Primary Store Channels 2005-2010

Are you investing time and effort into working with other channels? For companies not working with multiple channels, there are significant opportunities within the various store channels, non-traditional retail, direct, and foodservice.

Consumers Shop at Secondary Stores

Nearly one-third of shoppers are comparing prices across stores and 44 percent claim they visit a variety of stores to capitalize on sales and promotions. In fact, some 70 percent of shoppers visit more than one format in the course of a month, with an average of three. The primary store share of a customer’s food budget has decreased as more shoppers list at least one secondary store they visit for groceries, up from 10 percent last year to 12 percent in 2010. Supercenters were identified as the secondary store for 20 percent of shoppers followed by limited assortment stores with 10 percent.

Switching Primary Stores

Consumers have many options when it comes to grocery shopping. Only six percent of shoppers report switching primary stores in the past year. This shows a high degree of loyalty in which more than 90 percent said they would recommend their store to friends and family.

Source: FMI 2010 Grocery Shopping Trends Report

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