November 2, 2010

Tim’s Thrive! Preferred Principal Workshop – Success with Food Brokers

Thrive! Preferred Principal Workshop PICTURE

Completed my Thrive! Preferred Principal Workshop last week for a $10 Billion branded food product company and witnessed several ‘aha’ moments during the course of the workshop. You can download the Thrive! Preferred Principal Management Process diagram and components by clicking this link. The picture is of the workbook cover and photos from the workshop location Marriott Sawgrass TPC Resort at Ponte Vedra.

This process leads to opportunities and growth for food companies and is based on accepted practices by the largest, most successful, consumer product companies in the world. Your company can benefit from this process regardless of size and growing entrepreneurial CPG’s generally greatly benefit from this insight. Also, this process allows for faster collaborative efforts for overcoming hurdles.
sawgrass pics marriott thrive workshop
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