November 17, 2010

Tim's Favorite Agricultural Cooperative Websites and the #1 in USA.

Reviewed over 500 Agricultural Cooperative Websites and complied a list of my favorites and wanted to share with you the 'best of the best' and  the "Best Agricultural Cooperative Website" in North America. The judging was based on my review of the site and how it connects with consumers. Great job to many of the Agricultural Cooperatives and was interesting, educational, and fun to see how well they are doing online. Standouts of the ‘best of the best’ include Oceanspray, The Idaho Potato Commission, and Oganic Valley. Food Promotion Ideas are often available by simply examining these outstanding websites.

Idaho Potato Commission - 'Best Agricultural Cooperative Website 2010' 

Top 10 Agricultural Cooperative Websites
Idaho Potato Commission * Winner - Best Agricultural Cooperative Website

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