October 4, 2010

Press Interviews

A client asked for my help with a press interview this week and we are preparing food samples along with business interview newspaper rolled upa press packet. Our discussion on what to include in the press packet and the method to use to provide the information resulted in the following listed actions. If you will provide the information along with photographs in an easy and simple method to include in the article you will gain additional coverage and exposure for your products and company. This worked well with another clients recent article published in the Washington Post and then picked-up by other media outlets in the area.

Have a list of talking points that you want to share... (printed out or handwritten on cards)

  • The value you bring to market and any consumer success stories.
  • Background and History of Company – Organization’s purpose and highlights of your companies main accomplishments.
  • Awards
  • Retail Success
  • Other

Have logos, pictures, and info on the CD in the press packet.

  • Company Logo
  • Biographies (a.k.a. bios) 1 – 2 paragraphs and no more than a page.
  • Visuals and Artwork
  • Photos of you smiling!
  • Pictures from label, artwork.
  • Photos of plant or operation.
  • Client logos if appropriate.
  • Award certificates or trophies.
  • Articles published.
  • Recent Press Releases.

Drop all of this information into a Press Packet Folder and have ready for your media meeting. We are using a standard, color folder with two pockets on the inside flaps. At the office supply stores, they call this a pocket portfolio. Your business card can insert inside of the folder and we professionally printed a nice color sticker with our logo on the outside. Good luck and enjoy your time in the spotlight!

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