September 9, 2010

Walking Stores or in the Kitchen?

Are you developing new products that are competitive and category-leading or are you working on great recipes and products that you and your team expect think are awesome? Get into your customers and see where the opportunities exist based on the store set, menus, and competitive suppliers in similar categories.

Today, I will be visiting a variety of retail formats and locations seeking information and knowledge that will assist in growing the respective business. Are you visiting the market and seeking information that will put you ahead in your business growth needs?

Which locations are you walking?

What departments are you reviewing?

Where are you walking?

When possible, visit locations in a different large city and review retails, pricing, tags, packaging, size, location, secondary location opportunities, marketing initiatives, front end opportunities, secondary departments, set, facings, tags, grab a menu or sales flyer, and listen for opportunities to align your business with the marketing programs of the customers.

My efforts find that smaller companies often ignore the market and reviewing locations while the larger companies understand this and invest time, money, and energy on reviewing the market and seeking opportunity. Get into the market and grow your business!

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