August 25, 2010

What is your Fill Rate?

Big retailers with high sales velocity demand their suppliers fill their orders accurately, on-time, and complete. If we pulled your last 20 or
100 orders what would your fill rate be for those orders? Are you keeping track of your fill-rate on-going? The best companies supply their customers with product when ordered.

If you have not done this calculation, start now and share it with prospective customers if it is positive. One big retailer demands a 98.5% fill rate and 100% compliance on all documentation.

You can do this calculation yourself and if you need any assistance, please send me a note.

Pull together your last 20 orders and review the shipping documentation for each order.

Compare the shipping manifest or bill of laden with the customer order and do they match?

If they do not match, make a note of the items and number of cases short on the order. Did you ship 100% of your orders complete? If you did not and want to grow your business, start now shipping your orders complete!

Send me a note if you have any questions or comments… Link

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