August 11, 2010

Show them the way!

Are you looking to increase sales and add new customers? Show your busy, stressed, buyers how to improve their business. The biggest guys like P&G, Kelloggs, and Kraft demonstrate their understanding of the consumer dynamic to improve the business of the buyer.

Food Buyers are seeking knowledge and insight into growing their business, category, and profits.  How are you educating them about their section and consumer needs? The companies that don’t provide this insight are kicked to the side, pumped for marketing funding, and threatened with DC’s. If your buyers are not jumping at your offering and excited about your new product – think about showing them the way. 

Here is an example of how one large package goods company is gaining consumer insight and ‘Showing the way’ to their customers. Proctor and Gamble moves about $500 million per year online with companies such as and  They will improve the internet P&G business. (right now it represents just 1% of their overall company sales) P&G expects to be a value driver in the online world and to provide insight to their customers online. 

P&G opened their eStore with the thought of it being a “learning lab” to deliver lessons in online retail tactics that it can pass on to their customers to drive online P&G sales growth across the various internet websites that sell P&G products.
They hope to learn:

  • Consumer ratings of products
  • Consumer questions and concerns
  • Consumer thinking on brands
  • Test new sales models – subscription sales, tweaking display and packaging online, distribution tactics.
  • Monitor Sales volume in relation to e-coupons , cross-selling tactics, keyword searches, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Consumer Shipping options preferences
  • Modifications happen in real-time.
How are you “Showing the Way!” with your current clients and food customers?

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