July 6, 2010

Pink's in Hollywood! Lessons for growth.

Enjoyed the opportunity on a recent trip to Los Angeles to enjoy hot dogs from Pink's Chili Dogs.   My first trip and I quickly noticed they are doing much to amass such a giant following and achieving incredible success selling hot dogs! They are doing many things right including getting new customers and keeping them happy customers.  Also, they make one of the best chili dogs in America.  Check out this picture below of the chili dogs ordered while i was there. Loaded and Fresh Ingredients!
They also are always developing new and fun items to sell on the menu.  I enjoyed the Martha Stewart and it was my first experience with several of the ingredients on a hot dog!  Also, they have no franchises and worked to develop this single location over the years.
I look forward to re-visiting Pink's on future trips to Hollywood and Los Angeles.  They have succeeded in converting me from a one-time visitor to a customer.  Are you staying the course, converting first-time users, using the best innovative ingredients possible, and branding your new offerings? 

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