July 28, 2010

Speed the Business with Food Brokers!

I have literally worked with the best food companies and brands in the world.  Their success, systems, management, volume, and centuries (yes, centuries) of experience in the food industry provide a framework for dominant success.  One area that these Food Companies have learned to maximize for their benefit and return is the food broker. Regardless of size and experience, the successful companies working with Food Brokers understand the need to maximize their return with these third party sales agencies.  They understand the needs and the basic day to day measures they must take to provide the tools of success.  The successful companies do this over and over again building and maintaining success along with gaining new product distribution.  Your company would benefit to mimic and follow the lead of the successful when working with Food Brokers.

Accelerant Curve with Food Brokers

A mentor shared the Accelerant Curve recently and it beautifully demonstrates the emphasis and systems that successful food companies employ to expand their business opportunities using food brokers. The speed of acquiring new Business actually increases over time with the right systems in place to move the process along in an organized and productive fashion.  The companies that I have worked with and the systems that I employ with product opportunities always include a review of the basics of documentation, product, and systems.  When applied with diligence, effort, and a budget these areas of emphasis will offer guidance on what has to occur for food growth.

Areas of Focus – Documentation, Products, and Systems

You have to prepare ahead of time for the needs of the marketplace and produce the documentation, products, and systems that will direct the actions as you grow your food business.  So many companies are seeking others to handle parts of the curve as an outsourcing partner when in actuality they are building the strength of their partner retailer or foodservice operation.  Give them the tools to build your brand, not their brand!  The companies that control these variables will reap the rewards far into the future with bigger success than originally thought possible.

Why it works

As time progresses and implementation of the areas happen, sales will grow and the velocity of growth will increase. It accelerates!  The reason it works is simple, you understand the needs of the food business operator or retailer and supply it via your third party sales agency.  This application provides the catalyst and tools necessary to move prospects along the path to becoming customers and then dedicated clients purchasing more and higher margin products. This understanding of the needs of the marketplace along with the deliberate and careful planning provide for an orderly and progressive move for customers to do business with your company.

What it will do for you.

You will win more business employing this system than in any other method.  The business you do win will last longer and stick far beyond other methods of gaining new business.  Go ahead, start right now and review your systems for managing your business via Food Brokers.  Are you fulfilling the needs of the marketplace at every point of contact so that it leads to new orders and increased business through your distributors and operators?  Get it right, plan your processes, know the critical points of contact, and supply what the market needs. Your accelerating growth and success with Food Brokers will bring rewards far into the future with your focus and emphasis on the Food Broker “Speed the Business” emphasis areas of Documentation, Product, and Systems. 

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