June 4, 2010

Importance of Category Leadership and Dominance!

This photo of the energy drink category within a retailers drink section shows the importance of being #1 in your category and the presence being a leader provides to your product.
Notice the shelf-space allocation and retails garnered by the leader in the set. In this picture, half the shelf-space is Red Bull territory. This particular category has literally hundreds of items that could go onto the shelf and about 20 sku's are purchased for re-sale.
Create and develop revolutionary, outstanding, awesome products and services that the consumer and retailer will recognize as a significantly better and hopefully a new desired category of item. 
Market where you have no competition and get out there on a consistent basis growing your success.  Retail Merchandisers like the Red Bull version here offer vendors protected real estate with no competition within the unit.  It also provides additional retail locations in stores.

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