November 30, 2010

Have you Mapped your Companies Market Area? Territory Coverage for your Food Company

Define your companies territory and market coverage now!  

Get out a map and draw a circle with the center of the circle being your company location.  The circle should extend an appropriate distance for your particular business.  If you are currently a single market food business 200 miles from your office on all sides might be right. (radius of 200 miles)  Depending on company size and niche, you might  want to extend farther to a 400 mile radius if you are much more established and have the support to reach the additional distance and cities.  

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Jonathan shares his local market insight after having gone national very quickly. Local market is important to future growth.

The map and list on the next page is an example and basis of your market planning and growth initially from your current market.  As you grow, move the circle out further and further only when you can support your local market and each subsequent market.  If you desire planning and organizing beyond your local market area this link will take you to a method of organizing your USA Sales Geography into 4 basic regions divided into a total of 9 divisions.

Company based - Huntsville, Alabama

This list allows you to gear-up planning, promotion, sales calls, supply and distribution targets, customer sourcing, and event planning.  Focus your efforts and expand with knowledge.  

What actions are you taking to grow your business? 

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