March 3, 2010

Your Job - Meet Your Consumer! "Shiny Tile Syndrome"

One of the latest trends, "shiny tile syndrome" is moving rapidly throughout retail!  Retailers are removing and uncluttering their aisles and store front ends.  They are screaming to the customer “look at our clean and uncluttered store!”  Along with this effort, they are growing store brands and private label to significant percentage of sales in categories.

Today, more than ever it is your job to reach out and connect with consumers. Marketing efforts between your brand and consumer,outside of traditional retail, should be strongly considered in all programs.  Social Marketing is one vehicle that could become a component in this process.  
Nielsen reports in 2010 brand marketers will continue to see retailers efforts to clean-up the clutter and remove displays.

Assortment wars escalate according to Neilsen

"Retailer efforts to simplify the consumer shopping experience by eliminating aisle and shelf clutter will cause market share land grabs for small and medium-sized brands in pursuit of elusive revenue growth. Retailers may lose sales as they shift away from in-store merchandising that drove impulse buying and built shopper baskets."

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