March 31, 2010

Wally Amos "One of the Greatest Cookie Makers and Innovators in the World!"

Spoke with my friend Wally Amos (Wally is an author, inspirational speaker, businessman and one of the greatest cookie-makers in the world) a fews day ago about Cookies, his growing retail Stores in Hawaii, and success in the food business.

Wally Amos is the creator, dreamer, and achiever that opened the world's FIRST cookie store.  At the time in the 70's, the idea of a 'cookie store' seemed outrageous!  He was able to raise the money and open a chain of stores beginning the foundation of his record-setting cookie selling success.  

From a base in Hawaii, he is opening new cookie stores, Chip and Cookie, negotiating deals with the Japanese for international locations, and looking into successful resort areas for his stores on the mainland and around the world.

He bases much of his success on being positive. 
"It is seeing everything in my life work together toward the good. It is seeing the good in every situation. It is being a positive result in every encounter that I might have. In every experience in life, we as humans have the choice of how we perceive life. If I perceive it from the attitude of, I am going to do my best and everything is going to be fine, then that is what I get and that is being positive. With understanding that and being real, it pays to be positive."  We first met in the 80's and his positive and open attitude was the key to everything that occurred.

Currently, one of the most successful new practices in his stores is fundraising.  He is helping various community organizations raise money and in turn they are turning new customers on to his wonderful 'original recipe' chocolate chip cookies from his stores Chip and Cookie.  Also, his Muffins are nationally distributed and baked in the Northeast.

You can mail-order his cookies and visit his stores on your next trip to Hawaii. 

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