March 1, 2010

Specialty Food Photography

I had the great fortune to use these guys on a shoot for a major retailer in the Northeast and was blown away with their service and picture quality.  We discussed a special promo/trial for Good Food Sales readers with the thought you might consider them for future food photorgraphy needs after this initial trial if you are satisfied with their quality and shots. - Tim Forrest

Specialty Food Photography of NYC is offering a special promotion rate to all Good Food Sales members and readers.  Submit your product and receive 4 Professionally set-up, organized, shot, and digitally fixed photos of your food product.  Your four shots will include a powerpoint ready shot, table shot, action, and unique postion shot with various lighting options with downloads available from the internet.

$149 Special - Good Food Package Promotion
Studio Set-up Fees Included
All Cameras and Equipment Included
4 Seperate Photographs
a.  Powerpoint Ready Shot
b.  Table Shot
c.  Unique Position Shot
d.  Other shot 
Digital Review and Finishing
Available for Digital Download

For more information, $149 promotion offer ends this month. ($199 savings), and shipping address for samples, please email for our sponsors information.  Also, Specialty Food Photography of NYC can offer food styling and expanded food presentation  photography for your needs.  Please send a note for discussion and special quote. 

Please allow 3 weeks for files to be posted and ready for use online, in printed documents, advertisements, brochures, labels, and powerpoint presentations.  This special pricing will end March 31st.

This offer is limited and for Good Food Sales readers/members only.  Examples below include Merlot Flavored Popcorn, Chococonut Popcorn, and Slawsa!  Incredibly diverse portfolio of food products and photography shooting styles for food companies marketing and communication materials including social marketing.

The Powerpoint or Ad Shot.  The blank space is intentionally left for ad copy.


WOW!!  I am very pleased.  I am anxious to get the the digital files and I most certainly will tell everyone about them.  I thank you again for this special promotion opportunity.

This Rocks Tim! Many thanks for making this happen. Kimmay Killer Seafood

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