March 18, 2010

In-Store Tactics - Packaging, Shelf Signage, and End-Cap Displays!

The majority of us do not make detailed lists prior to visiting the grocery store.  This fact presents product manufacturers with the opportunity to influence brand choice at the point of product selection in-store.  The GMA, SheSpeaks, and Booz&Co recently published a report on Shopper Marketing that addresses the best in-store tactics.

But what is most impactful and effective?  The below chart provides some interesting perspective on this question.

The food & beverage category (73 percent of shoppers make at least one impulse purchase per trip) as compared to other categories like health & beauty (only 41 and 39 percent of trips include an impulse purchase in these categories) experience strong impulse consideration and purchase in-store.

It is important to note that in food and beverage, Signage at Shelf, Store Flyers, and End-caps are almost twice as impactful on sales compared to other categories in-store.  Food manufacturers will recognize the benefits of these tactics and events at retail.

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