March 11, 2010

Grow Sales with New Uses and Packaging

Are you packaging your product for purpose and consumer usage?.  This company made the decision to differentiate a known product by packaging and name - Grill Honey.  This should result in new trial teaching consumers to use the item for grilling resulting in new usage and growing sales.  Here is the comment from the company website:

SWEETNESS UNDER FIREUnlike most, this natural varietal honey brightens foods fresh off the grill with a hint of sweetness. Add distinctive flavor to a marinade or brush on veggies, meats or seafood for amazingly crisp caramelization. Hand-harvested at the peak of the blooming season to ensure purity, I've selected this honey as the perfect pairing for grilled foods. The aroma from your BEE-B-QUE will amaze you. KSA Kosher Certified. 

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