February 9, 2010

Where are consumers buying groceries?

Mintel Reports recently asked about 1,700 adults where in the past month they purchased food for their home and the results are below.  Consumers shop in multiple formats and are you approaching the opportunity within channel in an appropriate channel specific product and program presentation?

Grocery Outlets Where Consumers Buy Groceries
Outlets where groceries are purchased over prior 30 days, October 2009 Total % Users

Supermarket 83%

Walmart 48%

Club Store (eg Costco, Sam’s Club) 28%

Mass merchandiser “Supercenters” other than Walmart (eg Super Kmart or SuperTarget that sell groceries) 27%

Drug store (eg Walgreens, CVS) 26%

Natural grocery store (eg Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s) 15%

Convenience store (eg 7-Eleven, bodega, “corner” store) 13%

Have not bought groceries from any of the above places in past month 1%

Base: 1,645 internet users aged 18+ that are the primary grocery shoppers in households
Source: Mintel Reports

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