February 2, 2010

Investment Criteria Food Venture Capital Investors

Investment Criteria Food Venture Capital Investors

Will invest in branded consumer products and consumer services companies which compete in markets that are well-established and not typically subject to the risks associated with economic cycles and technological obsolescence.  Typically only do a couple of transactions per year and want to learn more about your opportunity.  No interest in non-revenue company organizations.

Geography sizeable domestic U.S. business

Company Size Sales of $1 million-$20 million+ 

EBITDA of $15,000+ 

Operating Profile Premium positioned products or services

History of (or opportunity for) attractive growth rates

Attractive gross margins

Distinctive competitive advantages in distribution channels

History of (or opportunity for) strong and predictable free cash flow

Talented Individuals and Management teams

Opportunity to enhance value by extending brand, expanding distribution and/or improving operations

Equity Investment $500,000-$3 million

Flexibility Control or minority equity positions

Security Types Preferred equity

Common equity

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