February 18, 2010

How do I convince Distributors to carry my product?

Distributors want and desire new successful products for their distribution and retail partners success!  They are on the lookout for leading new items and methods to increase their value to retailers with items.

If you will develop relationships with distributors and demonstrate the strength of your companies sales in their current stores, this will generally place you into distribution within the distributors portfolio of products.  In other words, the distributor will buy your product for re-sale.

For one food company, I set-up more than 50 distributors and a big part of the process was finding success in their distribution network without their help or commitment.  Distributors do a wonderful job of successfully getting product ordered, warehoused, and delivered to their customers.  They are generally too busy and margins too tight to go beyond their primary purpose of delivering the necessary product.  In general, it is your companies job to market and grow your business and vendors often find frustration and lack of understanding why their products are not growing and increasing sales within many distribution partners.

When you do meet with a distributor, be sure to have your product Product Marketing Sheet complete and full of the proper detail for them to set-up your item and order!

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