February 8, 2010

The Most Successful Enterprises Test and Innovate!

Why the interest in restaurants by Publix?  Almost 8 years ago Publix invested in a small chain of health-conscious salad restaurants and has since more than doubled the size of the chain and purchased the brand outright.  This is simply a sign of Publix testing, enjoying, and pushing innovative measures within their marketplace.  Similar to Whole Foods, Publix is one of the most innovative and successful grocery retailers in the World.

 A decade ago, supermarkets food share peaked at nearly three quarters of all food sold was within grocery stores.  Today chains are looking for new sources of revenue and doing battle with other channels.  Publix purchased and operates the Crispers restaurant group gaining knowledge and experience of the channel as they grow their overall business in face of un-imaginable competition from all sectors seeking food sales.

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