February 1, 2010

Food Strategy - Get Going!

Like the game of chess, your last move cannot be seen from the start of the game.

Are you over-planning your product introduction?  You cannot see all the moves available to you from your office.  Very few have the time, resources, or money to fully pre-plan every aspect of a new product introduction.  When my largest clients deploy resources to offer a new product to market, they do not fully complete creative and planning the item untill they put it to test in the real retail world.  You should do the same.  Get your product into the market and hands of consumers and listen for feedback, hints, and clues for further success.  Part of my services include helping companies see over the horizon.

The perfect product does not exist and your aim should be for successful products.  There will be acquired success factors along the way to your companies growth.  Look for subtle modifications for improvement with all of your products.  Variation, color changes, ingredients opportunities, marketing avenues and tactics, and launch markets that could mean big success over time.

What actions are you taking to grow your business? Send a note or comments to Tim also, follow him on Twitter  I want to hear about your success!

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