January 5, 2010

Top 10 Grocery Sales Categories

Grocery Stores manage items by grouped categories and generally have a Category Manager that works to improve and facilitate item purchasing, plans, and promotion opportunities. Your item will fall into a category. How will your item compete in the category? What impact will your item have on the category? Why should your item be a part of the category? Visit stores and review your categories and look for number of items offered, price points, and location. What items are moving fast and why? Who are the primary players in the category and what are the primary dominant brand colors? How does your packaging relate to others on the shelf?  Rankings are on next page, read more.

For the 52 weeks ending June 14, 2009, the Top 10-selling grocery categories are (NOTE – ranked by dollar sales, in $billions):
1.) Carbonated Beverages $12.00 1.86
2.) Milk $11.20 -8.44
3.) Fresh Bread & Rolls $9.57 4.77
4.) Beer/Ale/Hard Cider $8.17 5.42
5.) Salty Snacks $8.09 9.75
6.) Natural Cheese $7.64 7.75
7.) Frozen Dinners/Entrees $6.13 0.18
8.) Cold Cereal $6.11 2.12
9.) Wine $5.49 3.72
10.) Cigarettes $4.63 -2.18

If you would like to review the TOP 50 Grocery Categories, please visit this link.

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