March 9, 2010

How the local Farmers Markets are driving Grocery Store Produce Sales!

Winn-Dixie is opening its first location since 2004 and the lead item for the stores design is the large produce department that includes an outdoor farmer's market and an incredible variety of organic and natural products.

The success and growth of the direct to consumer 'farmers markets' actually promotes the category of produce and educates consumers on incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables as part of their diet. The trips to the farmers market are often fun, exciting, educational, entertaining, and tasty! This growth is directly supporting the growth of produce sales in the United States via traditional retailers for a myriad of reasons.
A solid group of American consumers are seeking diversion and entertainment when visiting the ‘farmers markets.’ Americans enjoy farm direct and purchase it at times but they also have lives to lead and need the ability to purchase their food quickly, efficiently, when they want, and convenient for their drive home not wanting to drive extra miles or minutes. Already, I am seeing traditional retailers like Winn-Dixie take this information and apply it their produce sections by having similar fun, entertaining, events inside and outside the stores.
The ‘farmers market’ is like a big sampling and learning event that is assisting with the teaching and sharing the beauty of produce. These consumers then pick up more produce on their next grocery store shopping trip. Look at the growth of produce sales in this nation and you will see an extra $5 billion in just the last few years alone and Americans are spending 10% more of their food dollar on produce.

The ‘farmers markets’ are doing a great service for the American food system and Americans diets with traditional grocery stores enjoying much of the benefit. In the future, you will be seeing more of the success marketing tactics of ‘farmers markets’ incorporated into traditional stores.

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