January 29, 2010

Hidden Entry Points to Retailers

My education on the physical movement of product through the various channels and then consumed on premise or taken home for later enjoyment offered insight and 'how-to's' that have looking back opened the door to some amazing creative successes for clients including million dollar purchase orders, new product designs, more than 20 companies into the Club Channel, opening Saudia Arabia for Keebler Cookies, finding a method to get into Disney for several companies, and more than 10 products on QVC and the Food Channel.                    ..read more 

What at the time seemed an inauspicious start to working in the Consumer Product Goods industry has served me well in growing and assisting company market initiatives. 

My first job out of college - pulling orders and loading trucks enroute to various retailers and channels including Club Stores, Convenience Retailers, Distributors, Foodservice Operations, Grocery Stores, Theme Parks, Airports, Major League Stadiums, Colleges, Restaurants, and Overseas.

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