January 4, 2010


It seems early on in my career and life, I avoided asking for help or relying on others experience.  There were books, friends, parents, bosses, and mentors available and for some reason, and often at great cost, I would plow ahead and try it my way and in my time. You would not believe the things I have had to learn in this very slow manner. Even with five library cards, talented friends, family, clients,and associates I too often would do it my way which was often much slower and less impactful.
My work has been full of example after example of me just plowing ahead and doing my thing and learning in the process. One of my first lessons out of college happened when headed out of the Atlanta International Airport on a Delta flight for training somewhere and they were sealing the plane. I remembered unloading my luggage and leaving my car parked on the curb at check-in. It was waiting for me at a wrecker tow yard! Fortunately for me, I worked for great companies, tried, experimented, and succeeded a bunch of times and in the process learned a bunch about marketing, selling, and helping companies grow their businesses more than $250 million new dollars.  Also, most importantly, I learned to accept guidance and ask for assistance when assistance when necessary.

Four years ago, I had two projects going that required more than a year of time investment and years of insight from working on earlier situations with the accounts. Well, we were able to execute the project and it resulted in an immediate half million in sales and grew from there. The company later stiffed me on part of my royalties and it was a big hassle. The other company never paid me and both scenarios helped me to grow, seek advice from mentors, and formulate processes and methods to better avoid such pain.

Lately, I have been enjoying the fruits of others experiences and teachings in my business, life, and family along with mine. Its great to have all the back-up, support, and assistance as my business grows, family continues to expand ( I became a grandfather in 2008 and again in 2009!) , and new and old friends enter my life.

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