December 15, 2009

Food Manufacturing Companies, Farmers, and Chefs selling food! Retailers are Everywhere!

When looking for customers and retailers for your food business, open the yellow pages and find likely customers in your market area! Also, you can use the internet to source many likely retailers for your food item and your local library can help with online databases available as part of your library card. Generally, each type of retailer will have a unique classification such as an SIC or NAICS code. The databases group according to these codes. For example, the NAICS code for "Speciality Food Retailers" is 445200.
The below listing is a comprehensive listing of various types of retailers that purchase and resell food products. Think about your specific item and how you will assist these retailers in sales, marketshare, growth, and supplying additional value to their customers. Also, once your company is able to attract food brokers much of this effort will be handled by them.
Tims Listing of Food Retailers
Food and Beverage Stores
Grocery Stores
Supermarkets and other Grocery Stores
Military Commissaries
Convenience Stores
Specialty Food Stores
Meat Markets
Baked Ham Stores
Butcher Shops
Frozen Meat Stores
Poultry Dealers
Fish and Seafood Markets
Fruit and Vegetable Stands
Fruit Markets
Fruit Stands
Permanent Produce Markets
Produce Stands
Vegetable Markets
Mail-Order Bakeries
Candy and Confectionary Stores
Snack Food Shops – Bagels, Doughnuts, Ice Cream, and Popcorn
Nut Shops
Coffee and Tea Shops
Dairy Stores
Gourmet Food Stores
Ice Cream Shops
Specialty Food Stores
Spice Stores
Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores
Duty Free Shops

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