December 20, 2009

Walgreens is kicking it on Facebook!

After checking the fan stats on Facebook for Walgreens compared to other much larger retailers it became apparent that Walgreens is taking some serious action with Social Media and using it to their retail benefit.

Walgreens is working to grow its fanbase with special offers and savings. This includes exclusive Facebook deals, early-bird promotions, and contests that include in-store prizes and rewards. This action is resulting in new fans on Facebook, integration with its marketing efforts, and improved efficiency with its social marketing actions.

Lets look at one example and review how Walgreens learned from the response from their Facebook fans.

The Facebook promotion had it giving away a cheap plastic photo frame holder to fans. Facebook happens to be one of the largest photo sharing sites on the internet and a physical plastic picture holder is useless in a digital world. The effort did generate people wanting the frames, but it also generated a ton of comments about how stupid the idea was for a social marketing effort. With this one effort, Walgreens learned and is up on the competition with its Facebook offers.

Walgreens learned it would have accomplished more by offering some sort of ‘digital’ picture game or experience like or the kiss promotion with Carmex lip balm. This ‘mistake’ was an opportunity for it to successfully learn more efficient uses of social marketing and Facebook.

The link below takes you to Walgreens latest effort that is more in-tune with consumers using social media. This wonderful effort touts its latest offering and involves your child's digital picture! This is a fun digital photo experience that shows Walgreens has evolved its social marketing efforts from the earlier photo frame holder.

(since publishing this article Walgreens removed its holiday offer)

Walgreens continues to implement and evolve its social marketing campaigns and continue to learn from its effort! In other words, they are making ‘mistakes’ which offer loads of learning opportunities along with the successes they are finding online in the social media sphere.
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